It is 2016 – Time Flies

NK2494 Clock Face & Prop on Filigree

Hi there!  I’ll bet you thought I had disappeared forever.  Can’t believe I haven’t posted since September.  Will try to do better this year!


I am excited to be a part of B’Sue Boutiques ‘Build a Line Challenge’ class this year.  The class began this month and we have already covered a lot of stuff!

It has been fun getting to know the other 30+ class members.  The focus of the class is to challenge us to create a cohesive line of jewelry, identify our target customer, use current fashion trends, and so much more.  The teacher, Brenda Sue Landsdowne, is a savvy business owner and very knowledgeable about vintage jewelry and jewelry design.

I have already learned a great deal in the class and look forward to the first blog hop on January 29, when we reveal our themes and begin creating our lines.


On the personal front, life is still wonderful in the little house at the lake.  Our winter has not been severe – yet!  I love snow and would like to see more.  Probably should be careful what I wish for.

Deck Feb 13 2015

My work area is in our family room which has nine huge windows. That’s my guy on the deck. (My area is on the left in this photo, taken when we were building the deck last year.) So, I have a great view of the woods that surround our property.  Last week we noticed a new resident in the woods.  A red fox has a den in a fallen tree just 40 feet from our windows.  We are hoping to see kits this spring.  The deer are also very active with the mild weather.  Our back yard is fairly open and the deer visit every day.  In the spring & summer they take naps in the yard.  The owls are a common sight – and they drive our two dogs nuts!

Owl 3 June 2014

Sunny Dec 2009

Sunny, our Cocker Spaniel, will be fourteen in June.  She was diagnosed with cancer in February, 2015.  Had a tumor removed from a foot pad.  The vet gave her 3-6 months.  She is still going strong!



DSCN0028 Stormy is our ‘cannard’ – as in can hardly tell what she is.  She is recovering from ACL surgery three weeks ago and is doing well.

Their names are weather-related because I worked for NOAA & the National Weather Service for more than 25 years.  Loved my career!


Looking forward to a great year.  Will be doing several craft shows and working on my web site.  To see my jewelry, Please visit my facebook page – and my Etsy shop –

Hugs from the little house at the lake.  Pomme de Terre Missouri.


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